Unexpressed emotions will never die.
They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways


Sigmund Freud

In our Center we conduct psychotherapy in English. Our approach is the psychodynamic psychotherapy which refers to a range of treatments based on psychoanalytic concepts. The main therapeutic tool in psychodynamic therapy is the relationship between the patient and their therapist. In this relationship, patients unconsciously enact the patterns from their previous and present relationships. The essence of psychodynamic therapy is exploring those aspects of self that are not fully known, especially as they are manifested and potentially influenced in the therapeutic relationship.

We can be helpful if You:

  • suffer from: phobias, anxiety, depression, neurosis, personality disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders,  obsessive-compulsive disorders,.
  • have difficulty to experience satisfaction in life
  • would to change the way you think about yourself
  • would like to build stable and satisfying relationships with other people.
  • would like to understand reasons of your behavior that worries you

In our Center psychotherapy in English is conducted by:

Agnieszka Izdebska, Joanna Kempka, Magdalena Przystańska

In order to set a meeting

Please choose a psychotherapist from the list, and contact her personally through telephone or e-mail.

In our Center psychotherapy in English is conducted by Agnieszka Izdebska, Joanna Kempka and Magdalena Przystańska